Best Extreme Sports in Peru

Many foreign people to Peru are pleased having a relaxing couple of days travelling around ancient Inca archaeological sites, kicking-in luxury hotels, and riding exclusive trains to Machu Picchu. If your dream getaway is really a taking items to the max looking for extreme thrills and fun, then you definitely will not be disappointed either! Peru can provide everything! Listed here are the five best extreme sports in Peru.

Extreme Biking

Peru is made for biking, in the end the Andes – the earth’s longest mountain chain runs right lower the center of the nation, peaking at 22,132 ft (6,746 m) within the Cordillera Blanca in central Peru. Possibly probably the most extreme sports in Peru with locals and people from other countries alike, you will find huge amounts of places to locate fast fun lower-hill thrills. In Cusco there’s a number of specialist travel specialists that provide a variety of different day (and multi-day) journeys, with full suspension Kona bikes. Our favourite extreme ride may be the one day Mega-Avalanche single track ride, that starts towards the top of Abra Malaga within the Sacred Valley (near to Cusco) and descends 1600 meters towards the village of Ollantaytambo. Oh, and it can be done three occasions!


You would not think so, but yes, Peru is really among the world’s best surfing spots. Across the northern shoreline, Peru offers waves for everybody from beginners to pros. Peru has created many world surfing champions, and it’s not hard to understand why whenever you understand precisely how good the surf is. Chicama has got the world’s longest left-handed wave on the planet at 4km’s lengthy, and Mancora (near by) has got the world’s largest left-handed point-break on the planet. Extreme sports in Peru do not get a lot better than this!


Throughout the 1960s, the little oasis capital of scotland- Huacachina used to be a vacation hot-place for wealthy limenians. Nowadays, this less glamorous place is the house of probably the most fun and extreme sports in Peru – Sand-boarding. Located 7 km’s in the primary town of Ica, Huacachina is encircled by vast sand dunes which stretch so far as the attention can easily see. There are just a number of hostels within the town, but these will rent you sand-board for any couple of soles each day. Cover yourself from mind-to-foot in sun-block and begin climbing! It’s fun, cheap, thrilling and frequently painful!

White-colored Water Rafting

Because of so many mountain tops, there will likely be a great deal of fast flowing and rocky rivers to savor. Rafting is most likely probably the most common extreme sports in Peru, and around Cusco, there are lots of expert travel agencies that will give you on the forest. The Urubamba River (within the Sacred Valley) provides a thrilling full day experience that is appropriate for novices right through to intermediary rafters. But hard-core rafters searching for that ultimate thrill will need to go just a little further afield. Cotahuasi Gorge may be the greatest gorge on the planet, and it is the place to find among the world’s toughest rafting challenges. The path includes 6 times of full-on, technical class four to five rapids, uncharted pre-Inca ruins and spectacular campsites. Extreme sports in Peru do not get a lot better than this! But be cautioned the Cotahuasi raft is perfect for just the toughest vacationers!

Zip Lines within the Jungle

15 Km’s from Machu Picchu, near to the village of Santa Teresa is Peru’s first canopy top zip line (also referred to as flying fox). A set cables having a total period of 2500 meters are damaged up into six sections, using the longest section being 400 meters long. In the fastest point around the wire you’ll be able to achieve speeds of 60 Km/h (37 miles per hour), which is sufficient to provide the experience of flight! Make certain that you’re not frightened of heights either, included in the line hang 150 meters over the jungle floor. Extreme sports in Peru do not get a lot more fun than this!

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What Are Extreme Sports?

A serious sport can be explained as any action which has a real or perceived higher level of danger. This is often everything from horseriding to hold gliding, diving to snowboarding and mountain climbing to extreme ironing – literally something that will get your thrilling could be classed as extreme! Initially extreme sports were connected with adult sports for example individuals described above, nevertheless the term now includes sports like skateboarding and bmxing that are well-liked by teens too.

A brief history from the term ‘extreme sports’ is very frequently connected with Ernest Hemingway who mentioned ‘there are just three sports – bullfighting, motor racing and mountaineering, the rest are games’. Regardless of whether you accept this statement or otherwise, it’s obvious that from dating back to the 1950s the word was connected with sports that can lead to dying.

Most extreme sports are solitary activities although there are several exceptions towards the rule for example paintballing (yes it truly is extreme when you are getting right into a game) and white-colored water rafting that are clearly both team sports. Many people become thinking about one or many in a youthful age plus they usually only obtain a coach if they would like to go ahead and take sport further – this really is clearly dissimilar to other sports for example football and swimming for instance.

Another distinction between extreme sports and normal sports would be that the performance of the sportsperson isn’t as obvious cut. For instance, an individual’s capability to rock climb is evaluated on more subjective and aesthetic criteria, instead of on the speed or score level. With each and every mountain being different, and also the variables also altering within the other sports, it simply is not possible to produce a set performance system. Obviously, this is not the situation for those extreme sports but it’s standard for many.

Nowadays there’s even an worldwide competition that celebrates these sports referred to as x games. Including people taking part in extreme sports inside a controlled atmosphere. It started in 1995 within the U . s . States which is now a hugely viewed competition around the world. It has also enabled many extreme sporters to sign up inside a sport full-time because of the amounts of sponsorship received.

Regardless of whether you fancy skateboarding or diving or the other sports that fall among, one factor is without a doubt – your adrenaline is going to be pumping and you’re sure to come with an experience that’s unlike any other you have had before!

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